I’M NOT SIGNING Neither Should You

Don’t Be Tricked by an Out-of-State Billionaire

Paid signature gatherers will be asking you to put your name on a petition. Before you do, it’s important to know what you’re endorsing – and who you are sharing your sensitive personal information with.

Don’t Sign the Newland Sierra Petition

Unless… you want big-box stores, not protected open space.

If this billionaire’s petition is successful, it will result in 2 million square-feet of big box retail, offices and parking, along with 99 estate-style homes – instead of more than 1,200 acres of protected open space and homes for North County’s working families.

Unless… you want more traffic on the I-15 in the morning and evening.

Traffic studies show there will be more congestion on I-15 if the alternative to Newland Sierra is built. That plan includes 2 million square-feet of big box retail and 99 estate homes, putting more cars on the road every day.

Unless… you prefer expensive estate lots over homes for our working families.

By signing, you’re endorsing a plan that would build 99 expensive, estate-style homes on multi-acre lots, rather than homes working families can afford and more protected open space. There isn’t another alternative.

Unless… you want control of our future in the hands of an out-of-state billionaire.

The petition drive is being funded by a billionaire East Coast hedge funder manager who owns the $10,000-per-week Golden Door Spa – a 600-acre luxury escape for celebrities and the wealthy. He wants your signature so he can create his own fantasy island in North County at the expense of the community’s future.

Unless… you trust your identity with a complete stranger.

Handing over your legal name, address and signature to a complete, out-of-town stranger is not the best way to keep your identity safe from fraud.

Unless… you know and endorse all that’s in a 200-300 page legal document without reading it.

You wouldn’t sign a mortgage agreement or bank loan without reading it. So don’t trust paid signature gatherers and their 15-second sales pitches. Don’t be fooled. Get the facts before you sign.

This petition is being pushed solely by a wealthy East Coast hedge fund manager who owns the Golden Door Spa – a super-elite escape for celebrities and the wealthy.

This billionaire is trying to undo the San Diego County Board of Supervisors’ approval of Newland Sierra, because in his mind, homes for working families don’t belong near the Golden Door’s ultra-rich clientele. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect his investment.
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My question for the Golden Door owners is: Will you contribute $175 million in public improvements to the local economy as Newland is doing? Will you upgrade the road that brings your out-of-town clients to your front gates? Will you create acres of local parks and greenbelts plus miles of trails for local citizens to enjoy? Will you change the lives of more than 2,000 families in the way owning a home does? I didn’t think so.
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Learn the truth about the petition's billionaire funders and their paid signature gatherers:

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